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  • Scarves and the cold season are a perfect combination. Understanding that, La Pham introduced to customers the scarf made of velvet and silk which ensures the satisfaction of its users from the outer appearance to the inner side. The velvet material creates senses of ease and lightness for the wearers. Moreover, the designer delicately incorporated different cold colors to boost wearers' feminity and elegance. Currently, the product is available in dark blue - yellow, black - red, brown - turquoise, green - pink, which diversifies the range of options for customers. For monocolour scarfs (green, white), they have tassels fixed to them at the tail - a cultural feature of women in mountainous regions. This design definitely brings the novelty and uniqueness to the wardrobe of its wearer.

    Reversible Silk and Velvet Scarf

    • Velvet and silk Silk materials

      Reversible and multiple style 

      Sustainable and ethnical fashion accesories product

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